Thursday, July 15, 2010

i've got you covered

you know what's fun?
[besides fanny packs, bubble baths, grocery shopping, road trips, coffee dates, david's tea, the color teal, old books, craisins, new toothpaste, thumb tacks, brightly colored anything, nextblogging, walking around, the paper umbrella, and climbing trees]

what's fun is finding covers of horrible songs done by people with actual musical and/or creative talent.
'party in the usa' by miley cyrus?
'party in the usa' by mike tompkins?
magic and magic and more magic. and he doesn't even have a back-up band.
or even any instruments.
just a mouth that sounds like a kazoo and a tamborine and he can beatbox better than you.

i'm inspired, but know that it's mostly empty inspiration as i would never have the time, equipment, or talent to pull that off. also, i don't have a tamborine.
if you have a tamborine to donate to my empty inspiration, let me know.
i don't really want one though. so.
there's that.


Gem said...

ahhh i love it, what a genuis ! oh and you are aswell ha! xxx

Steven Cain said...

I have three tamborines... but since you don't really want one. This version is much better. Twenty shirts and one pair of pants though?

Alpha Monkey said...

He has a "How I Do It" clip on You Tube. He is adorable!

kelly ann said...

this. is. so. EPIC. oh my word. just plain goodness. i love it.

i have a tambourine! with purple ribbons hanging from it. haha.

Emmy said...


Cara said...

He's really really good and I really REALLY enjoyed his version loads more than Miley's. WAY MORE.

you're so cool.

Britti said...

Thanks for your comment! I wish I'd drawn my banner, but I'm not that talented with drawing I got it from this wonderful page:
They create banners, backgrounds, buttons... really lovely stuff!
Hope you have a great weekend! xo

Jen said...

Oh my! That is too awesome!