Friday, July 16, 2010

friday list #14

1. this morning when i woke up there was a note on the table where i usually eat my breakfast. i smiled, because i knew the note had to be for me. my love language is not limited to but absolutely includes little notes and cards and letters. i slid a piece of bread into the toaster and picked up the note. it read, "WIENER STICKS."
2. my husband has been gone for two days now. my skin is shriveling up and my bones are crushed to a fine, white, delicate powder. i can't go on much longer.
3. if i could have the keys and unlimited access to any building anywhere in the world, i'd pick...oh i don't know. i'll have to come back to that one later.
4. have you ever wondered what life would be like if any one emotion didn't exist? like, anger. or excitement. or whatever.
5. or what if there were extra emotions that don't exist now? oooh. consider. it's like trying to think of a color that doesn't exist. odd.
6. if i could have the keys and unlimited access to any building anywhere in the world, i'd pick...
i think i'd pick a huge huge mall. that might sound lame to you BUT: think of a mall that has an indoor amusement park, indoor water park, music stores [complete with grand pianos], book stores, coffee shops, a massive food court and probably a yogen fruz. and probably i'd throw myself a birthday party every night at 2 in the morning and all my friends would have incentive to stay friends with me at least until they got tired of water parks and yogen fruz.
7. on monday, i'm going on a road trip to visit my friend hannah. i am luckier than all of you.
8. i answered the phone today and spilled water all over my very important folder which holds every single important file i've ever filed at this job. at first i was mad, but then some of the colors ran together and the pages got a little puffy and there's sort of a nice crinkly effect on the corners, and i can still read everything, so it's ok.
10. does anyone remember those purple chewy candies called bonkers? i can't find them ANYWHERE since i turned 10. and i need one today.


Chess said...

I think I would get rid of that one emotion that I call "blah." I hate that one. I'm hungry too!

Mich said...

really jealous of #7

stephanie said...

I think I'd pick the keys of a cookie-factory :)

rachel! said...

i like number 5.. and your thinking about the indoor mall with frozen yogurt. and i hope your husband comes back to you soon!

AmberDenae said...

Sorry you're missing your husband :( I hope the time goes by fast and I'm also jealous of number 7. Take me with you? Have a good one :)

Brad and Erin said...

I have been looking for Bonkers for years! We used to call my sister bonkers because she loved those candies but she would get so mad at us so we did it to bug her. Tell me if you ever find them.

Anonymous said...

i like your blog, it made me smile when i read the post with the ten dollars/grouchy thing :-)

kelly ann said...

hehe... wiener sticks. i chuckled out loud.

i'm going on a road trip in a couple of weeks and i'm kind of excited! road trips are fuuuuun. you get to eat lots of junk food and play good music and come up with weird car games!

i'm starving. dinner isn't ready yet and i might just die if i don't eat SOON. (so if you never ever get a comment from me ever again... you know why. death by hunger.)

our little love nest said...

ooooh I am salivating at the thought of grape bonkers and they have disappeared off of the face of the Earth. I wonder if we have them in Canada yet...I will have to ask my sister.
Have a fun weekend!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Hi! Haha, you're SO right about Katie, I'd love it too if I could have her take pictures of my whole life.

Lovely blog! :)


Valerie said...

I'd love to have keys to a huge mall too! I'd just sit in sephora for hours, putting on makeup. Oh wait. I do that anyway. Haha.