Wednesday, July 14, 2010

can you spell "inebriated"?

"hillsdale church, this is suzy."
"how d'you spell thaaa word? the one thaaa sounds liiike... um... pris'ner?"
"NO. no. not pris'ner. buuu like, pris'ner. like, pris'ner buuuu... not pris'ner."
"um. p? r? i? s? --"
"NO NO NO. NOT pris'ner. izz like another word. not pris'ner."
"ok. do you know what word it is you want me to spell, exactly?"
"no. no. see, izz like pris'ner. izz those guys. y' know?"
"well, i'm not sure i can help you spell the word if you don't know what word it is you're--"
"YOU STUPID see lillel girl, izzzz... like, pris'ner, but izzz those guys who preach at you, but they're not pris'ners, buuuu it sounds like thaaa. y' know?"
"um... maybe?"
"ok, so how d'you spell thaaa??"
"i have no clue. sorry. have a nice day though...?"

i figured out the word he wanted after i hung up the phone though.
and i even know how to spell it.
can you?


Chess said...

Hahaha, you are so good at writing this so it sounds exactly like the real thing! Oh, that was good!

Jen said...


Kelli said...


AmberDenae said...

so, i neglected to comment yesterday because i was determined to figure out this "mystery word" and alas, i haven't done so. so please educate me because it's kind of driving me a little crazy :)

you really are amazing at depicting a conversation. haha.

suzy said...

heehee, yeah kelli. it was parishioner. you win!

Jen Glen said...

But a parishioner is not someone who preaches AT you, it's someone who listens TO the preaching. That guy should get it straight, just saying.