Monday, July 12, 2010

i sweat stars and bleed good ideas

today i'm on the hunt for music i haven't heard yet. not necessarily bands, just specific songs. 
suggestions are more than welcomed. 

on friday, in the doctor's office, i noticed a sign above the receptionist's desk which read, 
"NOTE: if you are grouchy, irritable, or just plain mean, there will be a TEN DOLLAR charge just for putting up with you."

i think someone needs to hang that sign everywhere, along with nice little collection jars.
at the end of each month, all the money from the grunchy jars will go towards me. 


what do you mean "why?"
because i spoke up first, that's why.

never mind that though. 
my idea is a good one.
the grouchy, the irritable, and the just plain mean will get so poor they'll have no choice but to cheer up.

my song search is going well. i've found a few nice songs. 
song of choice, so far, is
"sticks and stones" by jonsi.
i'll put it in the music box on the sidebar so you can hear it.

please be patient. 
i am taking my time today.

also, i made a new button, and lost all of yours.
how about you just leave a comment if i ever had your button or you just want me to have your button, and i'll zip over and grab it and pop it right on my page?
that might be easier. 


Anonymous said...

I like your stars!
PS. anything by Between the Trees is good, in my opinion, but I esspecially like "changed by you" right now :)
PPS. I miss getting new music from you...I live for when you put new music on your blog!

stephanie said...

Hi Suzy,

3 song-suggestions:

- Envoi from Absynthe Minded (

- Nothing really ends from dEUS (

- Alors on danse from Stromae (

Your stars are pure magic :)

Steven Cain said...

That you do dear, that you do...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

AmberDenae said...

you're uber creative. that star handprint thing is genius and majestic. great job. i admire your creativity.

um songs....

"home" by edward sharpe and the megnetic zeros. anything by them actually. love their music. have you heard them?

"sweet disposition" by the temper trap. this song seriously always puts me in the best mood ever.

look up "the gills". they're some of my best friends ever and their music is like a happy drug. so good. "let me know", "don't stop the wheel" and "it's true" are a few of my favs. they're great and they have amazing personalities. love em.

there are a few. there's more where that came from :)

happy music finding! :)

rebecca said...

um hello! i love this post. everything about it. let's be friends, yeah?

Cara said...

Such BEAUTIFUL beautiful art.
I love the starry hand.

YOU had my button! :D I'll grab yours.

Jen Wilson said...

LOVE your stars.

Jill said...

i have been having a strange and wonderful love affair with The Kin lately. i actually don't think i would be able to pick a favourite song, as they all are just so good.

and i always, always, always love explosions in the sky. their ability to make such powerful, emotion-filled music with no lyrics absolutely blows my mind.


Alyssa said...

Looks like i have to donate $10 to the grouchy jar today.

Your sweat is beautiful, never though i would say that.

Songs songs.. Coca cola - little red. my mind is dead today so i cannot think further than that x

Chloe said...

wow, those pictures are so cute!
what a pretty idea. :)

by the way, i've messed up all my followers recently, so if you still want to follow my blog, you have to 'stop following', and then re-follow. i'm such a numpty, hehe. x)

an9e1a said...

It's hard to explain how much I love this. (And how long I just kept scrolling up and down staring at your pictures)

Also, I totally knew you were magic!!! ;)

Sasa said...

Hi hi hi!
Just found your blog right now, but I think It's pretty cute! (I love this post ;^; the stars drawing is so cuuute).
So *presses the follow button*

Btw, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to do a button exchange?
I'll add yours right now in my sidebar, and if you want to add mine, I have a copule in my sidebar, too c:

and now, my music recommendation
-Vertigo, by anya marina
-Viaje a los sueños polares, by La casa azul
-Il serpente, by Velvet
-Be my baby, by The pepper pots
Elvis, by These new puritans

Hope you had enought! hehe

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you creative? :)

Gabbi said...

Oh... and forgot to mention the most important, I love your posts!

Gabbi said...

$10 is a little high... but I like the idea!

kelly ann said...

love the stars. also, i LOVVVE jonsi. lovelovelove.

suzy said...

crystal: thanks ma'am! WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO VISIT ME? [i like this song]
rebecca: OK! :) i just went and looked for a button. you have no button. :( sigh.
cara: i have it again! :)
jill: i'd never heard of the kin, but they have some good stuff--thanks for the suggestion! :) and yes, i love eits too. such good relaxing music.
alyssa: a compliment i've never received before. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mich said...

this is the coolest!! love it.

check out my latest post for song suggestions - tons of fun

Moorea Seal said...

I loooooove all these stars. that is a fantastic little thing you did with your hand, dragging them across the page. go you!

ps, go pick up my blog button from my page!

ashleigh said...

your pictures of the stars made me happy and made me smile :P
A few music suggestions {probably not new to you}
Slow Club
Passion Pit
The Decemberists

I have more... I just forgot them though :(

Amanda said...

i love the things you do with paper! which sounds lame when i say it like that but i do! i have your button already, but i'd feel super special if you had mine!