Friday, July 9, 2010

friday list number thirteen

1. i didn't write a friday list last week. it is because i am a failure.
2. i don't really think i'm a failure. i just fail sometimes. i'm not sure what the exact criteria are that would move someone from the "i just fail sometimes" category into the "failure" category. i will give it some serious consideration and get back to you at the end of the list.
3. yesterday, a guy at work hid a walky-talky behind my desk printer when i wasn't sentient of his sneakings. then he snuck away and squealed into the speaker. and scared the sneakers off of me.
4. peter piper can't have picked a peck of pickled peppers--pickled peppers aren't picked pickled! they're pickled after they're picked!
5. we slept through our alarm clock this morning. oops. i still managed to be three minutes early for work. i think this is one good sign that i am not a failure.
6. next week, my husband is going away [for his job] for 2 weeks. rats. i think this is the ratsiest thing that's happened all life.
7. i need to drink more water.
8. ok. the failure thing. i think, in my humble yet esteemed opinion, that you are classified as a failure once you've successfully failed at every single thing you've ever attempted in your life. thus, i am not one, as i made it to work on time every day this week and passed high school and have a job and won a science fair back in grade 8.
9. in fact, with that criteria, i think it might technically be impossible for anyone to be a failure. i think everyone has at least accidentally succeeded at something.
10. my opinion isn't actually esteemed though. so. we might all still be failures. maybe, unless you've successfully succeeded at every single thing you've ever attempted in your life, you're a failure. then in THAT case i'm definitely a failure. you should see the cake i tried making this week; we ended up drinking it from bowls instead of forking it off a plate. it was failure with a capital everything.
11. oh well.


Chess said...

Haha, Peter should've looked at his misplaced modifiers and said, "Peter Piper picked a peck of peppers to be pickled." What was he thinking?! Sorry your hubby is going away. Hope you have fun plans to keep you company!

Cara said...

Let me point out every favorite thing of this friday list.

one, you wrote it.
two, the picture in my head of your coworker putting the speaker behind your printer, and you being surprised out of your sneakers.
three, your explanation of peter piper and his pickled peppers, or lack thereof.
four, you said ratsiest. and "happened all life."
five, i also need to drink more water.
six, you talked and explained failuer alot, and it was spot on and lovely.
seven, you ate cakes out of bowls.


Steven Cain said...

Peter piper could have picked a peck of pickled peppers, if they were already pickled, in a jar an on a shelf.

The only reason I am not a complete failure is: I have never once failed at being a failure.

She said "ratsiest".

Two weeks :(

Kiersten said...

it was not a failure cake. it just wasn't frozen. and it was still delicious. don't worry.

and also, call me next week so that you don't get lonely, OK??

AmberDenae said...

thank you for validating my confusion regarding peter piper and his pickeled pepper picking.

also, you're not a failure as you very well verified. the fact that you won a science fair in grade 8 should always remind you that you were born to succeed. i never won a science fair.

sorry about your husband leaving for two weeks. that is really a big fat bummer. i hope it goes by super quickly for you! i know all too well the feeling of seperation anxiety. i don't even have a husband but when my boyfriend leaves, i feel like a little lost puppy.

happy friday, dear.

kelly ann said...

#4 could not be more TRUE. they need to rewrite that. pronto.

also. sometimes you write how i talk. does that make sense? is that weird? probably.

and... you're not a failure. by any, any, any means. the fact that you slept through your alarm clock and STILL managed to get to work EARLY is truly awesome. i have never accomplished that. ever. kudos.