Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the apocalypse in the music store

we were trying to remember the name of the last song on coldplay's x&y album when the walls started rumbling.
i stood up from my spot on the floor where i was leafing through songbooks, and robyn glanced at me quizzically. we were in the sheet music store down the street immersing ourselves in quarter notes and half rests and the like, and the rumbling seemed out of place.
i mean, if you're from california, this sort of thing might be easier explained. or if you live on an active volcano.
when you live on the prairies, rumbling like this means it's most likely the end of the world, or else a semi truck is driving into the building.
the store clerk was standing by the window looking distressed, but the sun was pouring in and it looked relatively gorgeous outside, so i decided it wasn't the end of the world. i imagine the apocalypse won't happen on a gorgeous summer day. [i think the world will wake up at three in the morning all disoriented and it'll be thundering and lightninging and the rumbling will be just a wee bit more fear instilling and, you know, completely disastrous. and everything will be on fire.]
so that left the other thing.
by the time we got to the window, the semi truck was dissapearing into the back alley, still scraping and grinding and thundering against the poor wall of the music store, which gave one last shuddering sigh and was silent.
and it was no end of the world, but it was ok.
but we still couldn't think of the name of that song.


Cara said...

do you have twitter?

will you please get it? and can i follow you?
your tweets will probably become my all time favorite reeeeeal quick.

Becca said...

ha! this is so so cute and funny!

Chess said...

Those semis will kill you. Even when you're not driving. Sheesh!

Briana said...

heheh this would make a cute short animated clip. And my button disappeared from your blog! :(

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

If an apocalypse happened on a bright, sunny day I would probably sue Hollywood for lying to me and letting me believe I was safe while the sun was shining brightly.

Did the semi driver not realise his truck was scraping the side of a building? I'm not a driving instructor, but I'm pretty sure that's covered somewhere in the driving test.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

x Jasmine

an9e1a said...

Ok, do I really need to get some sleep like right now, or did the semi just sort of scrape down the side of the music store? Because, that would be completely weird and funny and totally "you." C:

(Glad it wasn't the end.)

suzy said...

cara: i don't know if i could handle twitter AND a blog. it seems like a lot of mental YOU tweet?

Robyn said...

i'm also thankful that it was not the end of the world suzy. we never would have discovered that it was not the final song of x&y i was thinking of, it was the SECOND last song of x&y that we were thinking about...swallowed in the sea.

suzy said...

heehee, yis. my brain got strained trying to remember!