Thursday, July 29, 2010

all the single boys

today i got a very wonderful spamment on a post i wrote a long long time ago.

[spamment = a comment which has NOTHING to do with the blog post but mostly everything to do with something or everything else.]

i know there are a few single men who read my wee web log--and this spamment is for them.
it's an article written by a self-proclaimed expert on dating. a me-proclaimed magician in regards to the english language. [actually, he's pretty awful at it.] [[hm? dating or writing? oh. uh....probably both.]]

this article provided a detailed step-by-step how-to for the next time you need to go to the mall and pick up a lady. an excerpt for your consideration:

Suggestions on How to Obtain Women for the Mall

If you’re a single guy and aren't the right at getting meeting girls and are wondering in which you could head to discover and meet a lady, then these ten reasonable ideas on how to meet a chick with the local mall, should arrive in mighty handy.

1 - Go towards foods court. Feel it or not, the foods court will be absolute most desirable site inside the shopping mall to satisfy a young girl. Here's what you do. Choose a foods put and get in line for the meal. Even though that you're in line, appearance all around the region the place all people is sitting and eating. Glimpse for any woman sitting alone, and even two girls seated together. When you might have your meal in hand, walk above to where exactly she or they may be sitting and consult if it is possible to join them. If you are truthful and straightforward with them, your odds are rather fantastic. 

his optimism is so refreshing. 
step two was just as thought provoking and enlightening. single men, read on:

2- Do some thinking. Just before you even consider heading for the shopping mall to fulfill a young lady, sit on your own down and do some serious contemplating. Give consideration to how you would possibly come in contact with a gal and what you can say to her if you may be prosperous. Contemplate which parts of your local mall you'll check out. Also, you're likely to must obtain one thing when there, what do you would like? At last, think of what meeting a female in the public spot entails. Undoubtedly you might ought to glance for any wedding ring previously speaking into a woman, and you can should ponder if it is wiser to speak to some chick alone or a person who is with other people. Finally, you will have to get reasonable about your own age plus the ages associated with the girl you desire to fulfill. As in, you might be required to tell oneself to become practical and do not try to meet ladies which can be a good deal younger or older than you could be, or that glimpse out of one's league.

absolutely! sit on your own down and do some serious contemplating!  and then, after you've sat on your own down and done some serious contemplating...

three - Request benefit. After you are usually lastly in the local mall, just one for this procedures to fulfill ladies is by asking them for assistance. Women realize that men have no approach what there're carrying out once they are buying, so asking for guide will not seem such a ridiculous plan. Request guidance in picking out a jacket for on your own one example is. Performing so let's the woman know that you simply are single. If she agrees to aid you, question her other queries as you grab distinct jackets to try out on.

see? easy as 1, 2, three!
he also provided a link to a website where you can get tips on how to meet women at the gym, how to meet women in class, and classy lines to say to women to make them fall in love with you. 
anyway. i just knew that i couldn't keep invaluable information like this to myself. 
not much to add to that. 


Cara said...

hahahahHAHAHAHA. please blog next on the lines to make a girl fall in love with you.


Steven Cain said...

Oh, so much thank you Suzy. Maybe I can use this to wonderfully meet a girl no where in the middle.

Lane said...

Hahahaha nnnniiiiicccceeeee :)

Emily said...

Brilliant advice! And as an ex-English teacher I just shudder at the prospect of editing this guy's writing! ; O

Briana said...

bahahahah I dare you to give me the link!! >:)

Holly Knitlightly said...


chelsea rebecca said...

hahahah this is SO GREAT!
i love it!

Chess said...

Bahahahaha! I am "usually lastly in the local mall" because I hate it.

"Question her other queries." HAHA. This guy is a gem. You must post the other stuff! :-)

an9e1a said...

Too funny! :)

ps. tag, you're it!

suzy said...

heehee, i'm going to sit on my own down and explore the rest of his website. and pass my findings on to you all, of course. :D

Ashley said...

haha this is ridiculous! Where did you find this? sit on your own down? That seems hard to do.