Thursday, June 3, 2010

a sow bug and a human: a paper poem


Chess said...

That was the best illustrated poem I have ever seen!!! If I were still going to be an English teacher, I would totally dedicate an entire day to it. :-)

Cara said...

Incredible incredible poem, and beautiful illustrations!

I love it, Suzy.


Allie Garcia said...

quit your job and write childrens books! or become an exterminator! :)

Joni said...

sounds like a good kids book to me!
Especially the squishing part
might as well teach em young to kill all the creepy bugs in the world.

AN9E1A said...


Cheryl. said...

a sow bug is certainly an awful roommate.
they try so hard, though they all know they fate.
I share my space with them as well.
I also think this is not so swell.
Currently there is one above my head.
As I sit here innocently in my bed.
i try and try to will them away,
no matter what i do, they seem to stay.
so roommates with you and i they remain,
i am sure their goal is to drive us insane.
so, all we can do is let out a sigh,
and say goodnight while hoping they die.

kelly ann said...

this. was. so... epic.

and i just want you to know that i read this aloud to everyone around me, all dramatic and storyteller like.

AmberDenae said...

Write and illustrate a children's book. NOW. DO IT. this was amazing! loved it. you're so creative!

Mich said...

This is the greatest thing ever Suzy!!
Seriously, you are like the next Dr. Seuss!! You should seriously consider writing as a profession

Jen Glen said...

You're hilarious, creative, and extremely talented. I LOVED it. Totally made me jealous to write like you and then totally made me laugh right at the end.