Friday, June 4, 2010

friday list #9

1. friday. again. good graish. if i had a sharpie marker for every time it was friday, i could color a to-scale model of the planet earth, in eastery pastel hues.
2. i got a new printer at work yesterday. i fired it up and plugged it in, only to discover it was a greek printer and spoke not a word of english.
3. upon examining the troubleshooting guide that came with the greek printer, we found the page on what to do if your printer is in the wrong language. oh good. i will now read a segment of the troubleshooting guide to you:
On your printer, select "Options", and "Languages" on the touch screen, then select your desired language.

5. these instructions would help a lot more if i knew the greek words for "options" and "languages". as it is, it took three scholars who'd taken Greek in Bible school to figure out how to make my printer speak English.
6. on wednesday i spilled boiling water on my stomach and scalded myself. i stared at barclay for roughly a second and then screamed bloody murder. right in his ear. pork eye.
7. when my brother says, "poor guy", it sounds like he's saying "pork eye." so now instead of saying "poor guy", barclay and i say "pork eye." it's a thing. you can do it too, if you want. you'll sound kind of insensitive though, like us.
8. today there's a man working on the light fixtures right above my head. he keeps saying things like, "oh, this stuff up here is kind of worrying me. it might fall on your head." and "ha, ha, oh man, i hope this doesn't fall on your head." and "man, if these fall on your head, i'm going to feel terrible." i'm starting to worry that something is going to fall on my head.
9. i wish i had a raspberry mocha right now, and some headphones with samuel beam in them. and someone willing to play a game of monopoly with me.
10. you remember dr quinn, medicine woman? like, jane seymour? did you know her actual name is actually Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg?


Kiersten said...

If I wasn't half way across the city I would play monopoly with you. Just walk right up the street from my house, plop my game board down in front of you {and under the light guy} and start it up. Seriously. I might even stop at the coffee shop and get you that raspberry mocha. I promise I would, if I wasn't working.

oh. and I DO remember Dr. Quinn. I used to watch her with my mom and I wanted a skirt like hers that flowed and blew in the wind. So I borrowed one of my mom's. But, seeing as my mother was 20-something and I was under 10, it didn't work out so hot and that skirt blew right down to my ankles. On my front lawn while I was twirling. Good times. Gooood times.

Anonymous said...

RE: #10 - I see someone has been spending too much time on :) haha I learned this very fun fact and a plethora of others (accompanied with pictures and everything) this morning! It made me laugh quite a bit when I read it on your blog!

Chess said...

Your light fixture man reminds me of this kid in one of my dance classes. Every time they'd demo a new lift, he'd say something like, "Oh man, do you trust me? I'm pretty sure I won't drop you. I sure hope I don't. I'll be really sorry if I do." I didn't really like dancing with him. Obviously.

linnykins said...


Hahah, call me insensitive but your list made me laugh. A multi-lingual printer that's trying to fool you into thinking it only speaks Greek. Glad you got that sorted out in the end :P

Feijoas are really good! They're those fruit you asked about on my blog. They've got a kinda fragrant smell to them, are sweet (sometimes have a hint of sour though) and has a somewhat gritty texture. They come from Brazil, apparently.

suzy said...

hahahahh kiersten! you made me laugh so hard picturing that. :) can we play monopoly sometime?? caught me! hahaha... :) i love always teaching me new and wonderful things!