Saturday, June 5, 2010

fishing for compliments

"my hair is stupid."
"suzy. it looks good. i like it like that."
"suzy. it looks good. i like it like that."
"ugh. i hate going to restaraunts. all the waitresses are gorgeous and perfect and here i just look like a shlubber."
"oh no. not a shlubber."
"yes. a shlubber in a barf bag. yuck."
"well look at me--i haven't showered today. i'm a greaser."
"yeah, but you don't have to compete with the waitresses. there are no man waitresses at mongoli grill."
"there are no man waitresses anywhere."
"what did you say?"
"no, what did you say?"
"mmmmmmm nothing."
"it's a boy secret."
"but...just...tell me..."
"do you want to be a BOY?!"


Jen Wilson said...

Also, there's a really awesome Man Waitress at La Bodega.

Just sayin'.


Jen Wilson said...

LOVE that photo. :)

You guys crack me up.

Cara said...

"it's a boy secret."

barclay is such a funny man.
i love that you two are MARRRRRIED.


linnykins said...

Awesome photo. Looks marvelous in black and white, too <3

Heh, I'm enjoying your blog too. Keep it up :D

Steven Cain said...

Now that's what married life should look like! There's a lesson here people, everybody pay attention.

Wonderful photo!

kelly ann said...

LOVE that picture... so cute!

Emmy said...

yay for super cute photos!!

AmberDenae said...

adorable photo! you have great hair!