Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my first ever ultrasound and my lightning blood

a heart just doesn't look like a heart. did you know that?
it's not bright apple red.
it's not still.
it's not even really heart-shaped.
you know how i know?
i know because i saw mine today.
and it was not bright apple red, it was not still, and it was not even really all that heart-shaped.
but i wasn't dissapointed.
i was actually even very impressed.

i watched the monitor in utter fascination as the cardiologist expertly measured and typed and clicked. she sees hearts every day, all the time.

not me.

i watched the green lines sketch out my heartbeat on the bottom of the screen, getting bigger and shakier with every hacking cough. my black and white heart pounded out a great bass drum beat in the center of the screen. i tried to think of what song it looked like it was drumming along to. i tried to realize that all of this was going on inside of me.

i think the thing that excited me the most was that my blood is fast. i've never been fast. i always lost the races. but i bet my blood could beat your blood in a race.
i got lightning blood.


Cara said...

Lol lightning blood.
Maybe I'd win.
Because maybe I have even-faster-lightning bloog.

What's wrong? Why were you checking out your heart?

Zack said...

Wow! Did you also see all the love and other things usually said to be stored in the heart?

AmberDenae said...

um, that's really cool and "ultrasound" totally threw me off and i was like "oh my gosh, she's el prego" but um, no. good one.

yeah, maybe i stalked you on facebook. so what?

Chess said...

Does this mean you give blood very quickly? :-)

Allie Garcia said...

you have such a great heart! best ultrasound heart ive ever seen! (and first. but still!)

Steven Cain said...

You're on!

Jen Wilson said...

Prettiest heart I ever did see.

suzy said...

cara: i don't know what's wrong--no one seems to! :) so we're doing tests. fun ones.
zack: i saw quite a lot of love, and also blood. lots of both.

green tea and red nails said...

wowee.. thats a bit cool! not everyone gets to see their heart... i think that would be awesomely interesting!

p.s - congrats on the super speedy blood :) haha!

kel x