Monday, June 7, 2010

my headspace II

oh, dode mide thad; thass jus by leff lug dere o de coffeh tabe oh.
i coughed id ub dis bordig.
you wad be do wride a blog?
i cad.
by bide iss stubbed ub.
here is a pigdur ub be ad robid thad we toog wid da selb-diber.
thadll hab do do.


Emmy said...

hahahaha this is too cute, although of course i hope that you feel better soon!

Chess said...

Oh boy. I know how you feel. I also can read the language of the sickies. Fluent, actually. :-)

Hope you feel better soon! Rest up!

Anonymous said...

Chicken noodle soup. What you need is chicken noodle soup! I'll bring some right there in 9 hours :)

Adele said...

haha i could hardly understand that! but i hope you get well soon (:ps: thanks for visiting and commenting! see u around (; xo

Moorea Seal said...

awww, get better lady :)

AmberDenae said...

awww, hope you fell better! that feeling is never fun. this post was really cute :)

suzy said...

cridal! wer my soob?

suzy said...

[thanks guys:)]

Anonymous said...

Umm...ya. About that soup. The 9 hour drive was too far :( SIGH!!!