Wednesday, June 9, 2010

on the erge of a nehvous breakdown

they were all standing around my desk.
that's not because i'm the cool kid in the office. it's not because i'm overly magnetic or even because i have m&ms in a little cup for people to have. it's because i'm the receptionist, and my desk is positioned in such a way that you will just end up standing at my desk if i don't tell you where to go right away.
so when i get lonely or bored sitting at my desk i say things like, "no, craig's in a meeting right now. you just wait right here. he shouldn't be more than a half hour. he'll let me know when he's out. my name's suzy, what's yours?"
and it's foolproof because if it's someone who bores me or who i get really irritated with quickly, i can just call my reception phone from my cell phone hidden discreetly under my desk and say something like but not neccessarily "craig will see you now."
and sometimes i get up to five people standing around my desk waiting for meetings to get out and we have a grand old time playing twenty questions and honey if you love me.

i don't really do that.

but the point is not that.
but i can't think of what the point was, exactly.
i think i need to stop blogging until i catch up on my sleep.


AmberDenae said...

I'm also a receptionist. i know the feeling. i also do customer service. i really know the feeling. bless your soul.

where do you work?

Cole said...

I remember when I was a receptionist I would sit at my desk and plan out an escape route in case someone was to come in with a gun. Kind of crazy. I had an emergency button under my desk. And a million scary parents coming through the door. That was a fun job. ha!

katie said...

that's hilarious!
I love 20 questions.

kelly ann said...

i was a receptionist for 4-5 years at a chiropractor's office and sometimes it would get SO overwhelming having 7346546 people surrounding you, all needing something right. that. SECOND. baahh. i loved the moments where it wasn't super busy and i could actually have conversations with people. or plan pranks on the doctors. you know, important things.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Haha, that's awesome. I'd talk to you if I came in!