Friday, June 25, 2010

the dozenth friday list

1. my little sister is graduating from high school on sunday. wow. ceese, where has the time gone? i guess this is the culmination of all of these speedy weeks and fridays that come only seconds after each other.
2. the other night i had a dream that i got a book in the mail, and it was an alphabet book written by ben gibbard. he'd missed letters here and there, but other than that it was a fantastic alphabet book. the last page stuck in my head and stayed there all through breakfast and brushing my teeth. it had a large, terrifying picture of a black bat and it read: "W IS FOR WOMBAT. and that is why no one else will ever find anything."
3. i have a big black blotchy bruise on my leg. i don't know from what. it might be your fault.
4. barclay is so manly, that he won't use my body wash. he says it smells too female. so he buys these manly body washes from adidas and old spice that have masculine names like, "ICE DIVE" "MAXIMUM ENDURANCE" and "GREASY" and whatnot. but i took a sharpie marker to his ice dive bottle, and my husband is now sporting a new scent: ice diva.
5. went to a free show last night. saw jane vain & the dark matter and the valleys. both were terrific. live music puts me in a good mood for the whole next day. it's like a shot of espresso, but in a more potent, audible form. it's like five shots of it. it's magic.
6. today i shut a cupboard door on a wire and it popped and flashed and started smoking. i'm not sure where i got my knack for wrecking things, but boy howdy am i ever a dream at it.
7. interesting piece of trivia for you, which i learned whilst playing a riveting game of trivial pursuit:
"what is a baby boy called who is born between two cannons on a british war ship?"
8. he is called a son of a gun.
9. now you know.


Cara said...

I eat up your words like the best, sweetest, sugar candy. I love them.

Ice diva? Brilliance. PURE brilliance. I'm sure Barclay smells even lovelier these days.

And sweet Suzy, what does this mean?
"W IS FOR WOMBAT. and that is why no one else will ever find anything."


Chess said...

I dreamed I was back at my tutoring job, training new tutors, one of which was yummy-smelling boy. And then I woke up. So sad.

JTay said...

Sean uses Old Spice body wash. I like to tell him that he smells like the man my man could smell like. Problem is, I always find that funny, and he - not so much.

stephanie said...

I bet Barclay would like to have a showergel called 'Son of a gun'

Kelsey said...

I never know where my bruises come from

Anonymous said...

I get bruises all the time, and I never know how I got them. ha.
Have a lovely weekend.


Amanda said...

ice diva-best idea ever! although i must admit that i really love the smell of old spice body wash on a clean boy...

kelly ann said...

i bet ice diva smells fabulous. hehe.

it's so true about live shows!!! for at least a couple of days afterward i am in the BEST MOOD EVER. magical. magical. magical.