Friday, May 14, 2010

the sixth friday list

my friday lists are not really of anything at all. a thing i know, my favorite color, stuff about people. i like lists, but hate committing to a topic.

1. when my friend's little brother was, like, 4, he told everyone that he wanted us to call him by the name "beerbottlePOPcan." he was adamant about it.
2. this morning, deleted fixed the internet, so we all started calling him Captain deleted, Techno-King of the Intor-Web, and pushing up imaginary glasses as our salute. he told us to stop, but we didn't. i guess that makes us bullies.
3. then i drew a picture and passed it around the office via email. i guess that makes me head bully. but i edited him out of here so people won't know who i'm talking about. so yes, i'm a bully, but no, not the incredibly mean kind.
3 again. this week, SIX BABIES were born!!! [that i know of.]
4. i'm almost psychotic about washing my hands. i probably have the cleanest hands out of everybody. i'm the one you should trust to chop the vegetables for the salad.
5. if i could have two of anything that in real life i can only ever have one of, i would pick to have two brains. i would keep one as a spare in my dresser drawer so that if i ever wrecked one i'd be good to go. i was going to say two stomachs because i really love food but i thought that was kind of gluttonous of me. what would you pick?
6. got moths? put dish detergent in a bucket of water and hold it up to the light where all the moths are. they will fly in it and die. that's how it's done, people.
7. got a bucket full of soapy water and dead moths? yeah, that's kind of gross.
8. my dizzy spells are extra today. i might fall over at some point. catch me?
9. my neice is cuter than your neice. i'm sorry if this comes as a blow.
10. auntie elaine, number nine doesn't apply to you. teehee.


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Haha, fabulous!

Cara said...

Hahahah. SUZY PLEASE WRITE ME PERSONAL LETTERS TO JUST ME ME ME. That's selfish, but well, so is two brains.

Can we say 'double' instead of two? I would want double hands. Then I can carry more things. Or grab things when they're about to fall and my hands are full. Or be doubley careful when I get into the bathtub.

Yep. Anyway, my niece is cuter. Sorry you were lied to.


suzy said...

hahaha cara do you mean on here? well if you mean on here, then i suppose i am. hello!!!!!
and how, HOW could your niece possibly be cuter? my gurgles. and giggles. and she's four months old. daaaang cute.
hi allie. :) thanks for stoppin in!

Robyn said...

Your office bullying includes cartoons... it can't be too harsh. Tell him to suck it up. :)

joven said...

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AmberDenae said...

i'm psychotic about hand washing as well and i'm never without hand sanitizer. hope you have a fab weekend!

suzy said...

haha, robyn you are absolutely right.
amberdee--well i'm glad i'm not the only one. :) you have a good weekend too!

Steven Cain said...

Can I have two me's?! Or do I have to pick a part?