Thursday, May 13, 2010

o my heart, it's a fish out of water

i met the most delightful old man in an elevator yesterday morning. he was wearing one of those open-backed hospital gowns and had blood spurting from a big blue vein in his left arm. he had a matching vein popping out of his forehead.
i smiled at him.
he exploded.
"I HATE THIS PLACE! look what they've done to me."
he gingerly touched his puffy arm, and a little rivulet of blood made its way to his wrist.
i wondered if he was supposed to be in a bed somewhere, hooked up to an iv, instead of wandering down to the main floor in nothing but his hospital gown and sneakers.

but the point is not that.
the point is that i left the hospital with a souvenir of my own: a fashionable little holter monitor wired to my chest. with all the wiring under my shirt right now, i could probably convince someone i have a bomb strapped to me.

hoh! i could rob a bank!
a novel idea.

also, do you like my earrings? i got them at a thrift store yesterday for a dollar and they're my new favorite thing. love love love.


Chess said...

Love the earrings!

Anonymous said...

Suzy why is that think hooked to your heart??? And Why are you still having caffeine if you are having something attached to your heart....not good not so last night I dreamed of your wedding only it was not the past it was the future and you were getting married off the coast of Ireland (so jealous) and I was your photographer....and Barkley's dad was getting picture pointers from me....pss you were getting married in and Irish castle off the coast and after everything Barkley went and lit off fireworks...that part was kinda random but when I thought about it that part was probably the only time in the dream he was himself....oh oh oh and you had a spiral slide connecting the top floor from the bottom in your house and it was pink! well that was one big sentence hope you like the story and the earrings are great.

Steven Cain said...

Those earings will always be a 'new favorite thing'...they are wonderful!

I really love how you've decorated your blog...The artwork is amazing.

Jen Glen said...

Love the earrings. Totally you. Glad to see your blog doesn't hate me. Now if we could only figure out who the comment-swiping monster is....

Anonymous said...

SUZY!!! How long do you have to have that monitor hooked to your heart????

Oh, PS. your earings are lovely!

kiersten said...

the earrings are rad. even rad-er since they were a dollar.

Your heart being hooked up to that monitor looks painful ... is it? And how long will it be there for?

AmberDenae said...

okay, so I'm pretty sure you might be my new best blog friend. you're adorable! i can't wait to read more from you. i also love your photos and style and i could see us having a really great time going antiquing together or something of the like. love you already!

kelly ann said...

cute cute earrings! and i hope that monitor isn't painful for you. :( how long do you have to have it on?

suzy said...

chess: thanks!

patricia: thank you for photographing my irish wedding in your sleep. also, don't worry, i didn't have [much] caffeine while actually attached to the monitor. in any case, it's gone now, so i'm back to 2 mochas a day. :)

steven: why thank you...i don't know if i consider it artwork as much as aimless doodling but i'm flattered anyways. take my button, if you'd like some of it for your blog! :)

jen: i'm at a loss. could it be craig?

crystal: i got it taken off yesterday! yay!

kelly ann and kiersten: no, it's not painful at all! :) [minus when the cardiologist ripped it off. ow ow ow. but other than that, really more annoying than anything.]

amberdenae: well aren't you just the sweetest!? i'm enjoying your blog as well. :D cheers!