Saturday, May 15, 2010

something for you to do if you have a saturday full of empty time slots and a stomache empty of good things

look what kiersten and i made on thursday!!!!!!! 

shape: heart
ingredients: chocolate, caramel, sliced almonds, condensed milk.
tastes like: if you could eat the music of death cab for cutie, i imagine it would taste somewhat like that, only a little bit sweeter. so maybe this is more postal service than death cab. but the almonds make it almost...vampire weekend. 

would you like to make some? they're very easy, and very quick, and very cheap.
it just doesn't get better than that. besides if they were calorie-free.
[oh, these are in no way calorie-free.]
we used chunks of bernard callebaut milk chocolate, and about 50 of those little individually wrapped creamy caramels. oh yeah, and condensed milk [4 tablespoons]. oh yeah, and sliced almonds. oh yeah, and we had a heart-shaped silicone muffin pan.

[if you're anti-hearts or just don't like love very much, you could probably make yours in a circular silicone muffin pan. but i think it might not taste as good.]

anyways. first you put the condensed milk and the caramels [unwrap them first, or people will probably make fun of you] in a bowl. put that bowl overtop a pot of boiling water and melt it all together. 
it will look completely nasty for a few minutes, but don't worry. 

then you do the same with the chocolate chunks, in a different bowl [keep the caramel simmering this whole time or it'll harden]. don't put the milk in with those though. that'll just be gross, ma'am. 


no, more than that.

k. that's probably good. 
now pour the chocolate and caramel [in alternating layers] into the muffin pan. 

then you just stick them in the freezer and they'll be ready in a half hour!

we took all the pictures with kiersten's blackberry because my camera was out of batteries. 

give them away, because if you eat them all yourself, you'll get very fat and full of zits.
i'm going to give one to my cousin alyssa, because i like her and think she's neat.


Steven Cain said...

I'm getting fat and full of zits just looking at those delicious little devils!

Heart shapes are a must!

Chess said...

Oh yummy yummy yummy! That looks amazing! Where can I find a pan like that? :-)

Cara said...

Today I went to work.
And a girl who I really really thought was you came in to shop. (If you shopped at an AE today, PLEASE TELL ME. Because it was you, and I didn't ask.) I thought on multiple counts to go up to her (you) and say Is your name Suzy? Anyway. These look delicious.


kelly ann said...

yummy yums. i love how you describe tastes with music. brilliant.

suzy said...

chess: boy. i don't know! the pan was a wedding present. so, maybe you should have a wedding?

Chess said...

Thanks Suzy! I'm going to find a boy to marry me right now. And if he asks why I am in such a hurry, why, I will just tell him that I really need a heart-shaped silicon pan, and they are only available at weddings! That is sound advice! Hahahaha! ;-)

suzy said...

hahahah inDEED!!
i'm always good for some sound advice!