Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a joy and fume-induced post

are you rejoicing with me? you'll have to be fairly obvious about it, as i can't hear you. 

rejoiceful reason number one:

barclay invested in three mighty-sized cans of SPIDER BLASTER and today he SPIDER BLASTED those 20-million-legged freaks in the basement [otherwise known as sow bugs] to kingdom come!
i'm feeling soooo rejoiceful right now. 
my husband is a manly-centipede-killing-machine.

but i have a headache from the fumes and we are going to have to vacate our house for the evening. 
oh well!

rejoiceful reason number two:

i have a new eco-friendly telephone.

ta-da! see how green it is? 
it takes better pictures than my camera. 
[this is not saying much.]

rejoiceful reason number three?

well, you think of one how about. 
let me know. 
i'll rejoice with you.
i'm a good rejoicer.


Cara said...

My pain is pretty much not there today!!! IF THAT'S NOT A REASON TO REJOICE, I DK WHAT IS!!!


Chess said...

I will definitely rejoice with you in Spider Blaster, if you rejoice with me because I found a job (even though it is a supremely crappy one). :-)

Cara said...

Left you an award on my blog!


Anonymous said...

I have a FABULOUS friend with a spectacular green phone...if that's not worth rejoicing over, I'm not sure what is :)

Paige Baker said...

All! So glad you found me! Your blog is great and Aaron Weiss And I are getting married (I just know it!) Seriously, he's my favorite man in the world. Seeing him on the 13th!

rachiedragon said...

I got a summer job interview.... REJOICE!!!! lol

suzy said...

joyful noises all around!!!
chess & rachie: where're your job/job interviews at?

Chess said...

My job is at a hideous all you can eat buffet restaurant. (I worked there the summer after my freshman year of college.)

Jen Glen said...

We bought a new car and it's a Suzuki and I want to name it Suzy the Suzuki. Are you offended or honoured?

suzy said...

jenglen: definitely honored. all to bits. :)