Saturday, May 8, 2010

dirty caving suzy

here is me as a cave explorer.
cave exploring is ok.
i felt most of the time like i was on the inside of a turtle shell, and someone was going to sit on the turtle and we were all going to die. in the dark. shivering and wet. covered in mud and turtle intestines.
hey: i named a cave once, did you know that?
they used to just call it "that cave" and i thought that was stupid so i called it something other than that--not that i have any right to go around naming things--but i called it something and the thing that i called it stuck.
they still call it today what i called it then.
i feel like if i die tomorrow, at least i will have named something. something more permanent than a cat or a vehicle or even a person.
something that is part of a mountain, something that isn't going to just go away and be forgotten about.
seriously, the last time i named something, i named my car vysvan, and then it died.
but not my cave. they give people tours of that cave, and they call it what i called it.
that's great. that's good.
...except, i think that if i'd known the name was going to stick around this long, i'd have thought a little longer and harder about what to call it, and i wouldn't have called it what i did.
i just picked a very stupid name. i wasted my good name on the car. [which is dead.]
i'm not even going to tell you what the name is. you might explore my cave someday and think to yourself, "boy, this cave has a lame name," and you're probably right and that's probably the cave i named. and maybe even for the rest of your life you'll wonder every time you go into a cave if that's the cave i named.
it might be. it might very well be.
well what would you have called it?


danny.elle. said...

i bet it was a good name. I always read your blog.... and by always, I mean every few days, but I always go back over what I've missed. and every time, I smile. I thought you should know your blog posts have that effect on people. I bet you do too. have that effect on people, that is. the smiling effect. and I laughed out loud when you wanted to say rude things to the doctor. like, "you have really bushy eyebrows"

suzy said...

aw thanks danielle! :) you're sweet.

JTay said...

Ummm. I'd call it Cavey Joe.
Whoa... you're right; it's hard to name a cave quickly.
But I think if it hadn't been a good name then it wouldn't have stuck. So it must be a reasonably good name.
And maybe if you'd thought too long the name would be too not-catchy, and people would be like, "Right, Suzy. Whatever. We're not calling The Cave that. Besides, that was, like, 2 years ago."

suzy said...

hmmm...perhaps you're right. maybe from now on i should think of a really really good name, and always have it on mind, so that when something needs naming, i can name it that good name. you should too, just in case.