Friday, May 7, 2010

friday list five

my friday lists are not really of anything at all. a thing i know, my favorite color, stuff about people. those kinds of lists are the funnest to write, i think.
1. i can't believe it is friday again. every time i turn around, it's friday. if i had a dollar for every time it was friday, i could buy an expensive yacht, and a brand new mac book, and some freelance whales songs off of itunes, and mangos, whenever i wanted them. but only if i lived to be a bit older.
2. is my favorite number.
3. i've got an idea. i'll tell you what it is later. it's a really, really good idea, though. the kind that has the potential to taste very terrific.
4. once, i got my grade 10 in rcm piano. i practised 3 or 4 hours a day. but that was a long time ago; i don't play much at all anymore.
5. yesterday, a girl came up to me and stomped on my foot with her heel. on purpose. she was like, seven. and i'd like to know who told her to do that.
6. a memory from summer camp: laying on my bunk bed looking up at the ceiling where someone had written a poem in jiffy marker:
"if you love something, set it free
if it comes back it was meant to be
if it doesn't, hunt it down and kill it."
7. swans.
8. one time, when i was working at staples, a man came in and bought fifty calculators. and then he paid for them and forgot them at the counter. he never came back for them. i'm not sure what that was all about.
9. i made a button for you. it's over there on the side. you just copy and paste the html in the little white box to wherever you'd like to pin it!
10. i found a nice self-portrait i'd like to share. from the time i tried to fly:


Allie said...

1) my favorite number is 2 as well. weird!
2) flying is tricky business.

Cara said...

how do you pay for fifty calculators, forget them, not check your credit card balance, not see that you spent a lot of money at staples, and not come back for them?

they must have been for you.
i hope you have fifty calculators at your house. give them out as door prizes at your next party. decorate them. THAT would be a fun etsy shop.


Chess said...

Ah juvenile poetry! So incredibly deep. ;-)

suzy said...

hahah cara YES. dang. i don't have them. i should've thought of that 2 years ago!