Thursday, May 6, 2010

my tuesday drive

i was driving down vic east on tuesday and i was late for my doctor's appointment and the traffic was getting thicker and thicker and slower and slower and then it stopped and i was very sad about that because my appointment was in five minutes--over there, somewhere, through all that stopped traffic. i cast a woeful look at the car ahead of me.
i changed the radio station a couple of times, because sometimes i feel like if i'm doing something while i'm doing nothing at least i won't be wasting time.
that was when i looked out my driver's side window and saw some men dressed all in black, carrying machine guns.
fancy that. men with machine guns right by my door and i hadn't even noticed.
to be fair, they were moving very stealthily. people not noticing them was maybe the point.
but then i noticed the dogs. big police dogs. and at least three news teams with their camera crews and police cars with flashing lights and more guns and more policemen.
i began to wonder if i'm maybe awfully self-absorbed not to realize an event of this magnitude was taking place all around me as i flipped through the radio stations in search of something other than lady gaga.
and then the traffic started moving again.
and i left.
how anticlimactic.
i'm sorry. i was hoping to become involved in some way so i could have an exciting story to tell, and i've let you all down.
i'll try harder today.
however, i found a picture of the incident on a news, so that you would know how it ended:
they got the bad guy.

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JTay said...

We heard about this on the radio as it was happening, and I actually wondered if it would make people drive by to see all the hubbub.