Sunday, May 2, 2010

first things first and third things last and middle things second

ok. first things first: my friend joy [who took our wedding pictures], entered a couple of them in a photo contest. i feel a bit vain doing this [just because i happen to be in my wedding pictures] but she's just starting out and i think it would be cool if she won. she's a dang good photographer and i really love her pictures. you can vote for her here [before may 17]. please don't think i'm vain.
but i do have a blog, so i guess i'm probably a little bit vain. rats.

second things second: my friend erinn [remember her? she's the one traveling all around the world for a whole year] sent me a house to add to my collection. well not a whole house. but a picture of a whole house. would you like to see it? of course you would. ladies and gentlemen, all the way from new zealand...
...a house [yay!]:

and last things third:
i really am sorry for being a whiner this past week. i'm going to try to do better at the whole "when life gives you lemons --" oh. that reminds me.
today, barclay and i went for supper with kiersten and jordan. halfway through the evening, for some reason or another, or maybe just because i was feeling snarky, i picked the lemon wedge out of my water glass and hucked it at my husband. [i know, i'm lame.] it slid down his neck in that gloppy way that lemons slide down necks, and he just calmly wiped it off and guess what he said?
"well, when wife gives you lemons..."


Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Cara said...

Well isn't Barclay just a peanut! So cute. And I really really enjoy that house. Wow...

Be sure to enter my giveaway over at my blog if you haven't yet!


Jillian said...

I thought about that the other day...Am I completely vain for blogging?! In High school I would catch myself checking my reflection in just about anything I could, the usual things mirrors and such...but other things such as cars & spoons and stuff...haha. When I realized that I covered up all of the mirrors in the house and refused to look at my reflection for a week. What has culture done to us?

*sorry about your doctor trip :(

Cara said...

Sorry! It's in the sidebar, right up at the top!


suzy said...

jillian: i decided today that we're not vain. just to put you at ease.
cara: can i pleeeeeeese win the giveaway?