Friday, October 16, 2009

here i am, entertain me

ever heard of the game "quelf"? it's a wierd little board game with cards with things you have to do to advance on the board. pretty standard.

example: "put your forefingers in your ears, your thumbs in your mouth, and your pinky fingers in your nostrils. once everything is in place you must say the following phrase three times, at the top of your voice, 'FEELS GOOD, DON'T IT!?'"

other cards instruct the player to beatbox for five minutes, or to say "i'm a mummy!" and go to the bathroom and wrap their head in toilet paper.

i went through and picked out some of my favorites and strategically placed them at the top of the pile. and every time someone walks past my desk i challenge them to office quelf.
in other words, i have them draw a card, and do whatever the card says, and then i laugh at them i mean we laugh together and they carry on. no one seems to have picked up on the fact that i don't have to do anything except sit here and enjoy hours upon hours of endless entertainment.

one of the pastors had to go into his office and put his shirt on inside out, and it's still inside out, because he was distracted by something Aimee the Intern was doing, which involved a bit of jumping and yelling.

this is the best day ever.

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Jen Glen said...

Blogging at work?! You rebel! P.S. Did you make my wonderful hubby do anything silly?