Thursday, October 15, 2009

fluff with a fork

the basement is dry.
my pre-worded speech didn't get said, because when he walked in the door all i could say was, "so...wanna see the basement?"
and he looked at my face and read my mind like he always does and calmly asked, "were you doing laundry today?"
and i nodded and he hugged me and trekked downstairs to clean up the rest of the soggy mess i'd made. i don't think he was thrilled about my basement waterpark, as it was exceedingly generous on the "water" side and seriously lacking on the "park" bit, but he's one of those too-good-to-be-true guys who just love and love and love you even when you mess up largely and on a regular basis. he got soggy toes for me.
[he's also one of those guys who gets the man-giggles anytime someone says the word "fluff". you want to make him laugh? read him the instructions on a box of brown minute rice.]


shea said...

Haha Oh Suz something good came out of this story... you put a big grin on my face after a very loooong school day. Luv ya. (hope the basement isn't too hard to dry!)

Anonymous said...

Soggy basement sounds like a great time. I love that you're enjoying marriage and that your husband is so loving! It reminds me of the recent moment when I freaked out cause I couldn't figure out the breadmaker, so I threw a book across the room and Bryan talked me through my tantrum, then hugged me and reassured me on my quality as a wife, even though I don't know how to bake him buns for his work lunches, and even though I sometimes have tantrums. Marriage rocks.

elena aka suzy said...

:) thanks guys. lov ya both!