Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i think we need to learn to laugh at this stuff, otherwise we'll just cry all the time

i'm trying to think of what to say to barclay when he gets home from work today.
"the good news is, you're married to me. and i did the laundry today. and also remember how yesterday i cooked you supper and you reallyreally liked it? and also would you like a back rub? the bad news is i flooded the basement. and also would you like a back rub?"

there's this thing that you're supposed to open before you turn on the washing machine and this hose you're supposed to run through the opening and whatever, and who remembers to do everything all the time anyways right? [i never remember to do anything half of the time.]
i went downstairs and stood in the water for a while, shaking a mental fist at the unknown cause of my soggy toes [not much makes me grumpier than soggy toes] before i realized that i was the cause. i sloshed through the laundry room, spun open the valve, and stood there in the giant toilet that is my basement as the water swirled past me down the drain.
everything's wet.


Jen Glen said...

Oh no!! You're bedroom too? or just the laundry? Well, if this ends up being your first married fight, it's better to get it over with sooner rather than later!

Jen Glen said...

Ah! There's a spelling mistake in my entry, and I don't know how to delete it! I know how to spell your correctly. The way I spelled it, is you are and that is NOT the right way. It was suppposed to be your bedroom, YOUR bedroom! I know how to spell everybody! (Glad I got that out.)

Anonymous said...

dang soggy toes! That is a rather unfortunate story :(

Mrs. Wilson said...

Oh no! Suck! Ah, I hope he's alright with it. And look at you doing the laundry!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! The box of chocolates had one of those "sours" in it, didn't it? But just think, when you are visiting with friends, maybe relatives, this weekend and this incident comes up, you all will have a good laugh. And you will be thankful for those times that eventually are so much fun to share with others and cause laughter, which remember, is good medicine!!!!