Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a chicken with a fairly fantastic moustache

so today i went grocery shopping, and saw the best person.
i will describe him for you:
short, bushy white hair, early 60's, bushiest, BUSHIEST white mustache you've ever seen, gelled on the ends so they stick out from his face in little points, big black horn-rimmed glasses, suspenders, AND a nice red bow-tie. 
and he wasn't joking. 
he was standing in front of the frozen foods freezer, mopping up some water that had collected there, and i stepped behind him to grab my frozen raspberries. 
because the fact is, i can't eat cereal without them.
he looked up and gave me a very nice grin. "heyyyyy leetle girl!" 
i smiled at him. he was so creepy, in this really endearing way. i never thought that was possible until today.
i started rifling through the frozen raspberries, comparing prices and brands,
because the fact is, i don't like to pay too much for anything (i bought a really cute pair of brand new sandals today on sale for $1.10).
anyways, i was in the raspberries when i heard the noise. 
i paused. 
was that...a chicken? 
i turned.
it was him, standing directly behind me, happily "BAWK"ing at the top of his lungs. 
not to anyone, or at anyone, or for any apparent reason at all.
i appreciated that. 
but moved on quite quickly.


Mrs. Wilson said...

oh my word. that is really creepy.

Jen Glen said...

I still just have three words for you...REALITY TV SHOW. :)

Anonymous said...

That is insane . . . I've never thought something like that could be possible!

Anonymous said...

heeheeheehee!!!! oh this story made me laugh a lot :) Thank you for sharing!