Thursday, August 13, 2009

something for you to think on

this weekend i went wakeboarding for the first time. AND learned to drive a standard. i am 22. it was time [also, jewelia made me]. and you know what? i only swallowed half the lake and stalled the car once [but not at the same time].
the thing about trying new things is, trying new things is a thing i don't often try.
so i was thinking about maybe trying one new thing/week. good new things though. like for instance not drugs. like for instance getting married.
if you have an idea of something for me to try, let me know and i'll try it. i almost promise [if it's stupid or impossible or will cause me to smell bad, i won't try it].


Anonymous said...

Bake cookies for your boss

Anonymous said...

Hey I went Wakeboarding this weekend too!!! I was really bad at it though.. haha. maybe it runs in the family

Anonymous said...

1. Write a song about the worst smell you've ever smelled.
2. Iron wrinkles INTO your shirt or jeans and wear that item of clothing in public.
3. Draw a picture of everyone in your family and try to make it as realistic as possible. Maybe you're already good at drawing...I tried this once and it didn't turn out very well, but it was fun.
4. Spend an afternoon turning random phrases you overhear into a song, so that it feels like you're starring in a musical.
5. Find an embarassing tidbit from Jannaya's past and post it on facebook for all her friends to see.

Anonymous said...

heehee...this just makes me happy! You tried, for the first time, two of my favorite things!!!! YAY!

Breezy said...

French fries and icecream together :) Its actually addicting