Tuesday, August 18, 2009


yesterday, i got out of the truck in the sobeys parking lot, and my pants fell down. to my ankles. it would have been a terribly embarrassing moment, except that i'm just cool and calm and collected and i just reached down and pulled them back up and kept walking. i would have turned beet red, except that it didn't even faze me. i even chuckled about it with barclay. i would have been mortified except i was maybe not wearing those pants. i was wearing some other pants. those pants which fell down were the ones i was carrying on my lap. 
but i had nothing to blog about today, and i thought maybe you all were getting bored of me having nothing to blog. and that was almost a good story. i tried. 
well, if you read the first part of that, and are now disappointed that no one actually lost their pants, and you want to see someone, anyone, lose their pants, this'll do ya (don't worry, it's not scandalous):


Anonymous said...

Sweat pants or jeans?

Jen Glen said...

Okay, b/c I was a little worried that you would be wearing pants that even had the possibility of falling down to your ankles. Good thing no fashion faux-pas occurred there.