Thursday, August 6, 2009

taylor swift wants me dead

i'm mostly pretty brave. whining is for babies. only sissies feel pain.
but sometimes when i get beat over the head with an automatic door, i'm a wuss. and now i feel whiny.
i was goin into the mall today with shlee, and as i turned to say something to her, i heard a loud, solid, thud. it came from behind me, and in front of me and beside me, and inside me. then my head hurt and my hand hurt and it was bleeding and everybody was staring at me.
it was an automatic door. those aren't supposed to close while you're walking through them.
everyone probably thought i was a klutz, but you know what? automatic doors are not supposed to close while you're walking through them.
somebody is out to get me.


Anonymous said...

That sounds painful! I think the reason Taylor Swift would be upset about being told she looks like you is because she knows you're much more beautiful than her. Although she should take that as a compliment then . .. Ah well. It's her choice as to how she reacts.

Anonymous said...

Suzy, please go to the Dr. and have you head checked; then go to the Mall Manager: tell him your story, the pain it caused you as well as the inconvenience AND the embarrassment - - a free dinner for two at the Mall Cafe would be in order compliments the Management! Gramma loves you!