Monday, July 20, 2009

"three little peppers and how they grew" or, "how barclay krause saved my life"

we were driving in his truck, playing the Game. 
oh right, you don't know about the Game yet. it's our game, we invented it. i name two characters or people who have distinct voices, and barclay has to imitate both of them at the same time. (example: i say "jim carrey as the grinch aaaaaaanddd....let's say....elmer fudd." and he somehow manages to sound like jim carrey as the grinch and elmer fudd at the same time. and then i laugh for a half hour and give him another one.)
so i was about to begin round two of the Game, but he cut me off. "SUZY. LOOK AT ME."
so i did. a little concerned. a little flustered. 
he said, "trust me. don't look out your window. just look at me. keep looking at me." 
he drove a little faster, turned a corner, pulled over, hopped out of the truck. before he shut the door behind him he instructed me to keep staring out his window. 
so i did. a little wierded out. a little confused.
then, behind my head, there was a gentle thud. 
barclay got back into the truck then. 
smiled at me. pulled away from the curb. 
suddenly, i just knew what he was up to.
"there was a spider behind my head, wasn't there?"
he nodded. "a big white one. i didn't want you to see it."
and then we went back to our Game.
isn't he the sweetest thing?


Anonymous said...

I hope my future husband isn't scared of spiders, or else we'll both be in trouble. I remember when I was home alone, I saw a baby spider and decided that, since no one was home, I would try killing it myself. I grabbed a HUGE amount of paper towel, and started to try grabbing it. However, I wasn't killing it right away and it would scramble around injured. I began crying. I'm a baby. Since that time on, I've decided that I cannot kill spiders, I have to get other people to do it for me.

Jen Glen said...

Ohhhh! He IS the sweetest thing! Now, let's hope he does the same thing when it's two in the morning and you wake him up wanting him to kill the spider in your room! What's with the three little peppers, though? I don't get it.

elena aka suzy said...

yeeeahhh...he will. i know he will. he's that good.
umm..and yesh, the three little peppers thing was just a random title that popped into my head while naming this post. so i decided to put it to good use.