Friday, July 17, 2009

residual killing

just to update you all on the spider sitch. (the abbrev.'s for you, hann.), i went to walmart yesterday and picked up some more spider spray (aptly named, "SPIDER BLASTER")[the last can we bought of it lasted exactly 5 minutes. i'm not lying to you. used the whole dang thing in 5 minutes on the rafters in the basement, cuz they were givin me a fright]. i went home and, before crawling into bed, went to town on those spiders. absolutely BLASTED those spiders to certain and absolute death. they are absolutely dead.
oh, then i read the label. "provides residual killing for up to 2 weeks". yes. 2 weeks, spider-free. and what's this..."harmful or fatal if inhaled". oops. so, don't spray my bedroom right before i sleep in it? uhhh....
also, "do not spray on people." oh, ok. cuz i was gonna go upstairs and spray gramma...
---but you know what, if i ever get paralyzed or can't move, i hope someone sprays me with spider blaster. under my armpits and behind my ears. cuz i can't think of a worse feeling than having a spider crawl on you and not being able to jump up and down and scream like a little girl.

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