Thursday, July 9, 2009

crusty moldy stale blog thoughts

i have no internet these days at where i live. i'm in between homes now. i was living at this one place, and working on fixing up another place to move into, and then had to move out of the first place, so i dragged all my stuff over to a third place and am sleeping at a fourth. this is why i can't find my comb.
besides all of that, it makes it hard to blog. i have all of these thoughts bottled up inside me, writing themselves out in my head in the form of blog, and they just stay there and get stale. then, by the time i get to a computer...they're hard as a rock, and crusty too. and you don't want my week-old crusty thoughts.
but i thought i should try anyways. i'll dedicate this useless post to my mathelete friend, karzlie.
[we were in the bathroom at staples the other day and i was fixing my hair and she was in the stall (sorry for sharing this information karz), and all of a sudden i hear, "OOOoooooOOoooOHHHhhh!!! i found TWENTY SIX CENTS!"
i congratulated her, cringing a little at the thought of public-bathroom-floor coins. she came out of the lou grinning and tucking the coins into her wallet. then she proudly proclaimed: "i found a penny, a nickel, AND a dime in there!"


rachiedragon said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH oh how i miss u both suz and karz... and for the record, i did laugh out QUITE loudly while reading this stale moldy crusty blog :)

Anonymous said...

heehee...first off, Karz you're disgusting :) (but I love you anyways) and second off, Suz I love your crusty moldy stale blog thoughts...they make me smile and thirdly, I miss and love you both a TON!!!!