Sunday, July 12, 2009


i went to the us of a today, with my family, to go shopping.
me & my sister were in k-mart, and we came upon a clearence bin chalk full of underoos. i like those. so we rifled through, laughing at the fact that most if not all of the colorful gitch was big enough to fit three people at the same time, when the bin started falling off the shelf. i tried to push it back on, and the shelf rolled away. so the bin fell into my hands, and i spilled extra-large gramma panties everywhere. then my mom came around the corner to see me on my hands and knees surrounded by the things, trying to clean up my mess. i could have laid down and made a snow angel in them.
there is a funny mental picture for you for today.


Anonymous said...
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Jen said...

thank you for always making me laugh with your posts :)

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Jen said...

Just so you know, that Jen that commented, that's not me. I don't know who that Jen is. (whispered) I hope you do.
The GLEN one