Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 am musings

someone told me when i was younger that if you look at a bird while it's flying over your head, it will poop on you every time, because in looking at it, you make it nervous. i realized recently that this is probably not true. but still, every time a bird flies over my head, i can't look at it, for fear i'll get a face-full of poop. today, i tried to look at this seagull flying overhead, but it was like looking into the sun. i just couldn't do it.
and it made me wonder: how many of the things that i was told as a child are actually true, and how many of them were fabricated by my uncles or my parents for a laugh at my expense?
there was that time when i was born and my mom told me my name was suzy, and got everyone else in on it, so that they called me suzy, to the point where i figured my name must be suzy...they even put it on my dental records. and i found out on my first day of kindergarten that my name was REALLY elena. elena carin. elena carin christensen. there is no "suzy" in elena carin christensen. i went home and tearfully told my mom that the teacher wouldn't call me by my name. my mom nervously laughed and said, "suzy...honey...elena is your real name. the teacher is right."
i don't know who i am. and i can't ever be a bird watcher.

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