Thursday, June 25, 2009


i perused walmart with barclay last night. we found things to make fun of, and then we made fun of them. it's entertainment that can last you for hours if you're good at making fun of things.
don't worry, we're not jerks. we weren't making fun of people, just things. advertising, and lame packaging, and odd products. example: deoderant which advertises that it "DOES 7 THINGS!!!" but doesn't tell you what. i only really want my deoderant to do two things: keep me dry and sweaty-free. if it's going to make my armpits sparkle, or help me pick up men, i don't want it. i can't even think of 3 more things deoderant could possibly do. any ideas?
oh, but i did make fun of one person recently.
he drove into a parking garage wall while watching me watch him drive into the parking garage wall. i think he thought i was checking him out. haha...well no dude you're like 16. i was just watching him drive into a wall. and it was funny.
am i a jerk?

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Anonymous said...

Nah, you're not. Just like funny things, and it's not necessarily like you were making fun of HIM, just his situation. So, you're not a jerk! =)