Thursday, June 11, 2009

snooze cruise

last night i was so tired as i was driving home that i began to wonder if i was actually awake or just dreaming that i was driving home. gravity felt a lot more powerful than usual and i felt like i was being pressed down, sinking into my seat, as though it were a big black bottomless marshmellow...and i have to tell you: that is one of my favorite feelings. but not while i'm driving.

it happens though. along with the invention of cruise control came a generation that doesn't technically have to stay awake to operate a vehicle. this one time i was driving home from millar, and i just plum fell asleep. i woke up a bit later, hands folded peacefully on my lap, cruise control set at the nice mediocre speed of 110, plowing through some field parallel to the road. i woke up and realized i'd crossed over a lane of oncoming traffic to get where i was, and furthermore that i was still moving at a tremendous rate for one who was bouncing in and out of ditches, dangerously close to hitting cows and fences and hay bales. and i lay like that for a moment before reality hit and i realized that i should maybe take hold of the wheel and reestablish my place on the road before i ran over a sheep or was spotted by a policeman.
i have a feeling that wouldn't have gone over so well in the city.
MIGHT I ADD that i would think it takes one a tremendous amount of skill and class to sleep and drive and not die.


Anonymous said...

or else when youre almost asleep driving home and you just say random things that don't make any sense at all...haha

Jen said...

Seriously, I do not believe your life! Did that truly happen!! Oh my goodness. Another story and I'm more amazed by you again! Keep it up, and I might become your stalker!

Anonymous said...

Suzy, you make me laugh soooo much, that is a wonderful story! I wish I could fall asleep while driving and not die. I think that'd be a cool thing to live through and tell the story about through blogger, and many generations to come.