Monday, June 15, 2009


i found a thumb tac in my bread the other day. i've been dreaming about the implications of actually ingesting one of those ever since. scratched vocal chords, punctured stomache lining, etc.

it was a good weekend anyways though. i went to a wedding where the groom walked up the aisle to "sexy back" by justin timberlake and the pastor entered to "eye of the tiger". i was almost late for the wedding because me and janet got stuck at the thrift store waiting for a nice old volunteer lady to figure out how to work the cash register (i got a nice new dress for 3 dollars!). we ran as fast as we could, skirts flying, janet barefoot, carrying her heels, and arrived at the wedding red faced, disheveled, and drenched in sweat. and 3 minutes early. i gasped for breath during the entire processional, patting my frizzy hair and wiping my sweaty brow. but, boy howdy, we made it.

that night, after the completely stellar wedding, in which carmie made a picture perfect bride, we went to corydon in winnepeg to get some gelatti. spied a large group of hooligans in white t-shirts far down the street and pointed them out to my friends. much too loudly, as per usual, i said something like, "oh look, a group of ruffians. let's fight them" (but i'm peaceful and was only joking). unfortunately, right in front of us there was a biker gang all dressed in black leather hanging out on their bikes, who all heard my statement and thought it was directed at them. they didn't kill us though. i think they were even amused at me, the stupid little blonde girl who obviously didn't know how to conduct herself on the streets of winnepeg after dark. i felt that they very well could have picked me up by my head and thrown me over the nearest building, shot-putt style.


Hannah-Leanne said...

I love blogs that start with "I found a thumb tack in my bread the other day."

I can't believe you were almost late for the wedding. I can't believe Patrick walked up the isle to Sexy Back. And I love you for calling it Loserpeg, Manitoba.

See you soon.

Carmel said...

well, i'm glad i finally read this. however, so NOT loserpeg, cuz i live here. and you were NOT three minutes early. everyone thought that 2:22 was when they should start arriving, not when it was starting, cuz at 2:25 is when you walked in, and i made my dad tell everyone to sit down so we could get started. but either way, you guys still looked beautiful, and made it before i lost it. and i also want to add that you are the reason for my song choice, cuz if not for your 'pink and orange cd', i would not have heard that song and decided that i had to walk in to it.
and Hannah, it's totally pretty much his favorite song, but i had to convince him to follow through on the idea.