Monday, April 6, 2009

the pregnant gentleman

lois is a shameless flirt. she makes a pass at every man within earshot, young or old, single or married. she pats her chest where her fluttering heart is and says, "woo, woo! aren't YOU handsome? i better behave myself!" it doesn't matter that she's 88 years old. it doesn't matter that she has short term memory loss and can hit on the same man three times in thirty seconds, without realizing it. i think she's great.
yesterday, we were hangin out in the coffee room, when a very tall man walked in. it is condusive to the story to note that said man had a large beer gut. lois noticed him right away.
"WOO WOO!" she said, really really loudly, "i've never seen HIM around here before! WOW! he is a tall fellow!" she patted her heart and stared at him admiringly. when he turned to face her, her eyes widened even more, "OH!" she screeched, "AND HE'S PREGNANT!"


Anonymous said...

I bet that poor man was embarrassed. She does sound like a cute, sweet old lady though!

Anonymous said...

I love her!!!! I want to meet lois!