Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the only post i'll ever write regarding politics

my mom likes politics. my mom likes politics like i like a good old hug, or live music.
so the other day, when she was babysitting two young boys, she made them watch politics with her on tv. they were bored to tears.
"COOKIE I'M BORED." (the kids in frontier refer to my mom as "cookie". kaiden started this when he was three. we asked him why and he said it's cuz she's cute. she's been cookie ever since.)
"just a few more minutes, alright? just a few. i just want to see something..."
it's some parliament thing. with the house and the speakers and that. i don't follow politics very well. i would have been bored too.
a man from the liberal party stands up to speak. he's east indian and wears a turban. suddenly, one of the boys sits up right. his eyes are glued to the tv. he stands up and goes to the tv, completely captivated. mom is happy about this, sure she has converted the 5 year old to caring about politics.
"COOKIE!" he's still staring at the east indian man. "COOKIE...where'd they get a GENIE!? is he gonna do some magic????"

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Mrs. Wilson said...

oh. my. word. I love it.