Friday, March 20, 2009

i will not cut my own hair i will not cut my own hair i will not cut my own hair i will not cut my own hair

i drove into a mini van yesterday. it all started with some pimples.
on my forehead.
not usually a big deal. but i was really tired...and really didn't like these zits. they were terrible zits. so i decided i needed to cover them up. options: hat? headband? make-up?
i am impulsive, irrational, and stupid when i'm tired. i grabbed a pair of scissors and gave myself bangs.
they look terrible.
this all happened about five minutes before i had to leave for work.
it flustered me. i envisioned cute, thick bangs, gently falling on my forehead to cover up the monstrosity that is exploding acne. mm, not so much. it's a hack job.
i sprinted to my borrowed mini van, got almost to work and realized my engagement ring was not on my finger.
once again, i was reminded that i am a tragically emotional woman. poor, poor barclay.
i tried to remember if i'd shook the hands of any possible ring thieves that morning, and finally concluded it was either on the street outside my house or in my i drove all the way home, found my ring, drove back to work, and plowed into another mini van in the parking lot. thankfully, i am graceful, and plowed gently.


Anonymous said...

your bangs are cute not terrible!!!

Anonymous said...

Heehee, I'm thankful you are a gentle plower :)

Mrs. Wilson said...

oh no!!

And hey, I liked your bangs when I saw them on Sunday :)