Saturday, March 28, 2009

dissapointing doppleganger

in grade ten, a guy came up to me at a open house at millar and told me i looked just like a friend of his--ellaina brown. later that day, someone else came up to me and told me the same thing.
years later, another person came up to me and told me that i looked like a girl they knew--ellaina brown. soon, it's happening regularily. i'm at a barbecue in saskatoon and an old man hobbles up to me and says, "dear, you look just like my granddaughter, ellaina brown!" 8 or 9 of my close friends are friends with her and they all agree, the similarities are there. i have people come up to me at work and tell me about this girl, ellaina, who i am just the spitting image of. my friend, shlee, is in one of her classes in university, a girl at the church went to school with her in grade two, a friend from manitoba worked with her at camp last year... it has been SIX YEARS since i first started hearing of this girl, i now live in the same city as her, and have yet to see her.
until yesterday.
i'm drivin the good ol mini van, shlee's in the passenger seat, and i look over at the vehicle beside me. there's this girl in the driver's seat, long blonde hair, blue eyes. i punch shlee. " that..."
she freaks out, knowing the ginormosity of this moment: "ELLAINA! it's her!!"
i don't look a thing like her.


Adam said...

I lol'd. Good story.

Jen said...

Oh my!!

rachie dragon said...

that is a disappointing doppleganger. after all this time thinking u had a twin and now to discover she looks nothing like u.. disappointing indeed. ;)
hah i lov this

Crystal said... two aren't identical but you do have some similarities :)