Tuesday, February 10, 2009

teriyaki mi

my kitchen absolutely reeks of teriyaki sauce.
i'm a woman who generally follows the rules. and the label on the bottle of teriyaki sauce said "SHAKE WELL". all caps, just like that. so i did. i shook vigorously.
unfortunately, the lid wasn't on. like, at all. so i sent a wall of sauce...well...everywhere. then i stood there in my newly teriyaki-coated kitchen. one of those awkward moments where, if someone else had been there, it might have been something i could really laugh at, but since i knew the humor had been wasted, and i was going to have to clean it up alone, i just kind of sniffled and glared at the floor. then i looked down, and noticed the kitchen-- the fridge, the table, the floor, the garbage can--was not the only thing covered in teriyaki sauce. me too.
my pants, my brand new white slippers, my hands, my arms...
and then i had to laugh out loud a little bit.
even if the humor was wasted on only me.

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