Friday, February 6, 2009

falling and falling and falling and landing

the youth group is going on a ski trip soon.
well i'm not going.
the last time i went on a ski trip, i was the only one to not ski or snowboard, but the only one to end up in the emergency room with a concussion and a broken pinkie finger.
so, while i might not hate skiing, or snowboarding, i do hate ski trips.
it was at diamond willow. the place was just being built, so there were no railings on the balcony. because of that good reason, the people who owned the place said, "you know what? we're not gonna let a youth group stay here. we don't want anyone to fall off the balcony and sue us."
my youth pastor said, "oh, it's ok. we'll be careful."
but then i went along. i always forget to be careful. my youth pastor knows that now.
i even remember saying as we were walking through the front doors that if anyone was going to fall off the balcony, it would probably be me.
so, i did. not on purpose, you know, it was completely stupidity and my lack of forethought.
my youth pastor thought it would be good to put couches up around where the balcony's railings should go, so no one would accidentally walk off. i sat on the back of one of them, and there i went, feet over head, falling and falling and falling.
then, everything was black, and i thought i might be dead. i couldn't hear anything, couldn't see anything, couldn't feel anything. "yes," i thought, "i'm very dead." i lay there for a bit, wondering what dead people were supposed to do. my dark cacoon didn't feel very much like Heaven.
then i heard voices, far away, and then closer, and then i opened my eyes and was quite dissapointed not to see Jesus, or some angels or even a gate, just my youth group.
went to the hospital, called my mom, walked a little funny the rest of the night.
i'm fine now. but one pinky is a little shorter than the other. a shame, as i already have too-short pinkies to begine with.

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Mrs. Wilson said...

You always make me laugh :)