Thursday, January 29, 2009

interesting but terribly overrated.

so i just ate supper. it was good. last week i was on this awful diet and was pretty hungry the whole time. it was the "i can't cook and i've run out of peanut butter and rice" diet. i don't recommend it.
today, jen showed me this blog by this lady whose full time job IS her blog. she just sits there and bloggity-blogs her life away, and is paid enough by doing so to support her family. this makes me kind of feel like i live in a cardboard box, and was quite content to be here until i noticed little miss in her fancy cyber-mansion over there. she even has a STORE with teeshirts with her blog name on them.
maybe i'll make teeshirts that say "itwalkedonmypillow". and everyone will say, "you didn't think of that on your own", and i'll collapse inside my cardboard box and die, and it will be all jen's fault. [but really, i don't think badly of you, jen]

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Mrs. Wilson said...

Oh sweetie. Keep on keeping on.