Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a list of things that are good about suzy. [by her own cocky self.]

1. i can tolerate any temperature of drink. if my hot chocolate or tea gets cold, i can still drink it and not complain. this is good if you're having me over for coffee, cuz i always talk too much, and my tea gets cold. i cannot, however, tolerate any temperature of house. so this is not good if you're having me over for coffee and you have a cold house. i might go home.

2. i won't ever make you listen to country music. unfortunately, if you want to listen to it, i won't let you, either.

3. you won't ever hear me complain about you snoring, if by chance you happen to fall asleep within earshot of me. i complain about a lot of other things though--a LOT of other things.

4. my friends are something that's very good about me. my family too.

just a few minutes ago, a man came in, completely red from cold, dressed only in his pajamas. he got locked out of his house and is now waiting for his wife to get off work. nothin like hangin out in a church all day in your pajamas, i suppose. i'm kind of awkward and don't know what to say to a man i don't know, especially when he's wearing pajamas. so i decided to type a list, a list of anything, just to make it look like i'm very busy. i guess i'm self-absorbed, because the only thing i could think to write was a list of things good about me. but i guess i'm not TOO self-absorbed, because i could only think of four things. while typing this, i'm wearing a most concentrated look and trying to appear like i'm just swamped with things to type.
ah, there is his wife, apparently.
he just informed me that this is the third time this has happened in the past 2 weeks. i'm not even mad, that's amazing.

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Anonymous said...

bawhaha! that's wonderful...i can totally picture it...fabulous!