Monday, February 16, 2009

back when romance was a hunk of bloody goat meat

i've always been back and forth on the whole valentine's day thing. my stance on it has gone from, "I HATE IT PASSIONATLY AND IN CAPS LOCKS" to "february 14 = any other day" to "hmm...i really really like an excuse to go on a date".
but. did you know that the origins of valentines day involved men hitting women with bloody chunks of raw goat meat, and a man getting executed for marrying people in secret when it was illegal, and a secret prison romance and an ancient dating service consisting of a giant urn in the center of the city and birds?
i'm very glad guys have progressed from the meat thing to the flowers thing. if a guy ever hit me with a chunk of bloody anything, i'm pretty sure i would possibly NOT marry him. tradition or no. even if he was handsome. even if he bought me a piano.
well, maybe then.

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Mrs. Wilson said...

you silly girl. I'd rather not be hit with bloody chunks of anything either :)