Monday, February 23, 2009

something else to worry about

i'm watching a tv show called "the doctors". it's a show on 5 minute cures...
there's a cure for canker sores... a cure for snoring...a cure for headaches... a cure for back pain...
and what's this? a cure for...flat chins?
flat chins. is flat chins an ailment? do they hurt? and even more importantly, do i have one?
i went and checked, just now. uhm...i don't think it's flat. but it has a zit on it. rats.
this is what's stupid about the way it is: you grow up in this happy, oblivious little world, thinking everything is beautiful and not even noticing your own face in the mirror, unless your mom tells you to wash it. but then, as you grow, people randomly inform you that you are, in fact, imperfect. you are, in fact, ugly because of this. "you think your nose is nice? your mom likes your nose? you got it from your grandpa? it's too big. you're ugly."
who decided that flat chins need to be fixed? who decided that eyes could be too close together or too far apart?
did you know that in the victorian era, pasty white and fat was hot? and, according to the pictures, everyone had gross frizzy hair. but that was hot too.
pause. reflect.
wanna see a cute little kid on drugs?


Anonymous said...

I saw one episode where they were discussing cures for sloth fingers. True Story!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Amen Suzy!

elena aka suzy said...

jon, is that you?
maybe i love my sloth fingers.

Heinrique said...

Good guess, Suz! Are you a detective?

elena aka suzy said...

nope. a power ranger.