Saturday, December 6, 2008

spa scammers

interesting. i googled the lady from my previous blog entry to see what kind of sketchy business she was in, because she wouldn't even tell me that, and it turns out: she owns and operates a spa. now, lady, why couldn't ya just SAY so?
interestinger: the same day i was visited by spa scammer 1, a man came in and offered me 90% off of a spa package, as long as i paid for it right then and there. i'm no fool, you don't pay up front for something you don't get up front. my manager sent him packing because she got the same scam played on her last year and she is now out 60 bucks.
hmm.. are spa scammers 1 & 2 related? working together? maybe i just look like i'm in need of a facial?
but i can put eggs in my own hair and cucumbers on my own eyes, thank you.

a quote to leave you with:
"eating is been around since the medieval times. colors is been around since the 1950s. if medieval times and 1950s had a baby, it would be a bag of skittles."
-trale lewous

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