Friday, December 12, 2008

snowflake headbanging

i'm done. i'm free. i'm never going back. i flew out the door, blowing kisses to the other cashiers, came very close to running into a family on their way into the store. i smiled at them and took off running. i shouted a quick "sorry" to them, but didn't look back, and i heard them laughing as i ran to my car. i was not graceful, i was not polite, i did not act sad to be leaving. i was not sad to be leaving. even an "i'll miss you" on my way out would have been an outright lie.
my last day was as lame as all the other days. i stocked the ink wall. i sold countless calculators, and the incompetant computers crashed all day, causing my customers to complain. alliteration!
a manager handed me a headband partway through the day with little bobble head snowflakes on it. i had to wear it. and every time i moved my head, i could feel them bobbling. so i stood at my cash register and slowly nodded my head. this was the high point of my staples career.
when i left, della told me i could keep my shirt.
i'm going to burn it.


Anonymous said...

Aint it grand? I know that I have already said this but YAY (insert a joyful noise here)!!!!!!!!

Jannaya said...

I love the bobble snowflakes on your head mental image.