Tuesday, November 4, 2008

there is a waiter at tony romas that looks just like ryan guildemond.

remembered something this weekend:
when i went to school at millar, me & two friends were bored one day and decided to play a prank on the entire student body. rules prohibited us from entering the boys' dorm, and salt in the water is ages old. so we did the best we could with what we had: some bristle board and markers.
made three signs which loudly and colorfully proclaimed: "BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE! meet in front of community hall at 7:30 Wednesday Night--Dress warm and wear red!"
we hid in the girls' bathroom in the lounge and waited til it was locked up for the night before creeping from our hiding place in a darkened stall (which would have been awkward if someone had come in and found us there). we hung up the posters in the student lounge and giggled all the way back to the dorms. then on wednesday, we watched the student body travel in a red mass out to the community hall. and stand there, in the cold november night air, for over an hour.
yes, this was our idea of a good time.
the crowd's excitement grew, and then diminished to a puzzled and annoyed silence. which was quickly broken by a random boy in the crowd, who realized then that there was nothing planned for the group. he yelled, "k guys, it was me! here's the deal--there is a prize at the top of the hill--first person there gets to keep it. it's pretty sweet."
about half of the crowd took off running to get the prize which was not there, and the rest of the crowd watched them go. the crowd dissassembled and the deans spent a fair bit of time trying to figure out who'd hung the mystery posters and wasted the students' evening. crystal, rachie and i breathed not a word.


Anonymous said...

That's absolutely intelligently evil.

Anonymous said...

heehee...sneaky sneaky!!! Oh what fun we had :)

Heinrique said...

I loathe you. The spiderman was a red herring.

rachel said...

i can't believe u just exposed us to the world! haha, but i did enjoy reading about it immensely :) we were the definition of "sneaky sneaky". we should ge tour own mission impossible movie or something hahah. we're just too clever.